Doing Business in Russia and Customs Union

Exporting to Russia & Customs Union with Albion Overseas

For over 20 years, Albion has been helping companies do business in Russia. You may already be enjoying success in this market, in which case, Congratulations! but what if there were more opportunities available to you in the Customs Union, or maybe you are just starting to think about entering these markets but don't know where to begin?

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Product Certification. You should be Certified!

Exporting to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other Customs Union member countries? Or maybe you are shipping to Ukraine? Our experienced Certification team are on hand to offer advice and support in procurement of the necessary EAC Certificates and Declarations, State Registrations, FSB approvals and so on. Regardless of the sector, Albion's team of experts are on hand to offer advice and make recommendations from our expert certification bodies in market.
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This unique service from Albion allows your company to reach the oil and gas markets of Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, leveraging your company’s expertise, you can now access giants, such as Lukoil and Gazprom. Enjoy success with TCO, Karachaganak and other projects.

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We buy the equipment at our own risk, ship it to our storages in Russia and from there, we sell it on.



Selling to Russia

Easy, reliable & comprehensive approach to the Russian market.



EAC Product Certification

Get a fast, competitive quote for certificates to import/sell products in Russia


Common Questions

How long will it take to see my products being sold in Russia?

Albion has over the years conducted training for many, many companies on doing business...


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