From our offices in England, Scotland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and now Turkey, we have helped hundreds of companies since we were set up in the nineties, and we can do this because we have our own distribution experience; our Moscow office is situated beside our warehouse. So we’re practical.

In addition to export assistance, we work closely with the DIT, the RBCC and various Chambers and trade associations to provide the best possible help.

Companies often have similar needs, even though the products may vary greatly – finding partners, working with distributors or agents, communication, following up on meetings, and so on.

“Albion has greatly helped and supported us with entry in to the Russian market. They have assisted with our entry plans and the development of Weir as a business.” Weir Minerals

What seems easy might be more time-consuming in a market such as Kazakhstan than elsewhere. In France, you can (more or less) visit a trade fair, find a distributor, and get the business. But in the Customs Union, it just doesn’t seem to work like that. Most of the companies we work with have tried it themselves, and wish they had not spent so much time trying to get the CU model to comply with their worldwide experience.

We have been working in these markets for a long time, so we are pretty familiar with it now!

We believe passionately in empowering exporters in ensuring that as many companies as possible be made aware of the massive opportunities to be found less than a four hour flight away.