If you are selling your products in to Russia, you will need to acquire Product Certification. This webinar will advise on the various certificates and how to obtain them.
Roughly 90% of products imported into Russia require some kind of certificate, those that don't will need at least a Letter of Exemption. Whilst many UK manufacturers see the Russian system of product certification as a huge barrier to trade, the reality is that the process is very manageable with the appropriate knowledge of the new conformity to Technical Regulations. Moreover, in our experience the costs of applying for such certificates should not be nearly as substantial as many exporters anticipate, and indeed as high as many independent agencies currently quote. Our aim with this webinar is to clarify these complex issues and redress this state of affairs nationwide.



Russia is still one of the UK’s fastest growing export markets. It remains the biggest country in the world. Despite what is said in the press, in current affairs and the sanctions - business goes on and Russians continue to buy.

The Russian people like working with the British. They respect our manufacturing, quality and heritage. Russia is and will remain a vital market for UK companies.


Albion’s role over the past 18 years has been critical in helping companies to enter and develop the Russian market. We offer product certification, low cost sales support, and companies have found that they can sell much faster and much cheaper by using our methodology.

We can offer anything from a one-off list of potential distributors to a full Russian-based infrastructure. This sets us apart from others.

Please contact Albion to find out how you could grow your business in Russia.


David Cant speaking about Russian Sanctions at the recent GTR UK Trade and Export Finance Conference.

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