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Russia, the biggest country in the world, on our doorstep, and a lucrative market for thousands of UK companies.

Russia is spending large sums of money on equipment from overseas as it upgrades its infrastructure.

The Russians consider the UK to be a quality supplier, and margins are higher in Russia than in saturated western markets.

This is an easier market than some would have you believe.

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Aren't the entry costs very high?

Albion has over the years conducted training for many, many companies on doing business...


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Latest EU Sanctions

For those of us that are talking to companies about Russia, and face the comment that Russia is not an easy place to do business at the moment, a few comments;


EU Sanctions, such as they are, are very, very strictly limited. It mainly revolves around:

A travel ban on a few named Russians close to the President
Some highly specialised oil and gas technology mainly for shale and sub Arctic exploration
Military and so called “dual use” technology. This dual use is again quite specific, and most technology and equipment remains unaffected. Exports continue apace.

Russian “Sanctions” on the EU are not sanctions at all. They are limitations on certain products, whose aim is to encourage Russian industry to improve. The Russians did this to good effect with their meat industry years ago, thus significantly improving their ability to produce quality meat, instead of importing almost all of it, as they previously did. These limitat

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