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"I attended an event arranged by Albion Overseas on doing business in Russia.The day was very informative and has given a good insight on how to enter the Russian market & the confidence to move forward. The one to one sessions with trade experts was especially useful . I would whole heartedly recommend anyone thinking of trading with Russia should  attend an event hosted by Albion Overseas".

Fiona Spawforth

Albion (Overseas) Ltd and its partners host a series of workshops every year to help companies and individuals interested in Russia and the Customs Union, discover the tools and information needed to successfully trade with such a large market. Whether it be finding distributors, product certification, shipping your goods, travel and visa information, tax implications, or how to operate in existing conditions. What are the solutions to the issues presented by a devalued Ruble, and of course, where are we heading?

Experts from various sectors are available for one to one meetings along with all our guest speakers.

Previous successful events included; Wast of England Energy Group, NOF Energy, ABMEC, Durham, Edinburgh, London, Peterborough, Suffolk Chamber and Thames Valley Chamber.

If you would like to attend one of our events, but are not situated close to one of the current venues, please get in touch as we may have plans to come to your city throughout 2018!


22nd February 2018 Webinar: Eurasian Conformity (EAC) Product Certification  
15th May 2018 Webinar: Eurasian Conformity (EAC) Product Certification  
19th July 2018 Webinar: Eurasian Conformity (EAC) Product Certification    
3rd October 2018 Doing business in the Russian and Caspian Oil and Gas markets:
followed by a brief overview of EAC Product Certification
 22nd November 2018 Webinar: Eurasian Conformity (EAC) Product Certification  
 24th April 2019 Russian Cultural Training evening with RBCC, London  
 12th September 2019 Oil & Gas Webinar: Doing business in Russia and former CIS markets  

Any questions about our events please email


Typical schedule for an Albion Workshop:


  • Welcome and introduction from regional Trade Association, DiT or Embassy
  • Overview on Russia as a market - Trevor Barton, Executive Director RBCC
  • Sales, getting paid, EAC Certification, market opportunities - David Cant, Managing Director Albion (Overseas) Ltd


"I really enjoyed the day. I like the whole programme setup and found the one-to-one sessions particularly enjoyable.
Malcolm Tinning, Director EMEA & APAC, ctms Travel


"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent workshop we attended last week. We all enjoyed the morning and gained a new insight into the opportunities for developing business with Russia.

You clearly exposed a number  of old myths and shed a new light on the positives".

Mike Galley, Managing Director
Powell (UK) Ltd


"What an excellent workshop. At the time when businesses are cutting their costs to simply survive it is obvious that smart entrepreneurs are still focussing on enhancing their communications with their stakeholders. The workshop has demonstrated how critical it is to be able to analyse the sea of contradicting data and benefit from the opportunities that arise. The presentations and speakers were particularly engaging and I look forward to developing these opportunities for my business and clients. Thank you."

David Alexander, Managing Director
Calacus Public Relations




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