Tips for exporting to Russia


The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organisation that has worked to promote trade and cooperation between the UK and Russia since 1916, helping companies in both countries find trading partners and representing the interests of all its member companies. RBCC offers a series of high-level networking events that provide an effective platform for making contacts and sharing expertise. 

The Chamber is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2016. It is looking for partners, sponsors and supporters for the events and initiatives it will run during the year, and also wishes to encourage companies (both members and non-members) to attend. To find out more, please contact Matt Proudman, Commercial Manager, on or 020 7931 6455.

Open to Export

Open to Export is an online community helping UK businesses get ready to sell overseas. Backed by Government and business, they are a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to helping UK companies grow through export. This is an excellent platform for seeking and sharing advice regarding export, and savvy businesses are ripping off all available benefits that it has to offer. The members of this community represent various industries related to export including but not limited to freight forwarding, travel and visa, taxation, marketing, web development, translation. To get involved, set up your free account here

LinkedIn Group Exporting to Russia and CIS

LinkedIn Group Exporting to Russia and CIS is aimed at businesses and organisations interested in exporting their goods and services to Russia and/or CIS and is intended for exchange of information, requests for recommendations, news sharing, discussing latest industry issues, making contacts and carrying out any other relevant activities by those involved in business consulting, export management, product certification, taxation, logistics and other matters related to the EAC Eurasian Conformity Mark and Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. Group members use this space to publish posts about their own services where appropriate, engage in a meaningful conversation and offer expert advice on matters that they have experience in. To become a member, follow this link

Albion Overseas ‘Doing Business in Russia’ workshops

Another great source of support is popular workshops from the ‘Doing Business in Russia’ series that are organised by Albion Overseas a few times a year. They take place in prominent business hubs of the UK and usually combine a series of presentations by leading experts in the law, accounts, logistics, visa and travel consultancies followed by one-to-one speed-networking sessions. Manufacturers from a wide variety of backgrounds come for free advice in the subjects of their interest.

The latest workshop was hosted in London on 8 October, by international law firm Plimpton and Debevoise bringing together businesses representing various trades, including fashion, beverage, chemicals, car accessories and a number of others. The event started with a welcome speech by Oleg Semenov, Associate at Debevoise & Plimpton, followed by brief introductions by the representatives from freight forwarding service Blackthorne International Transport, travel management company CTMS Travel, accounting and business consultancy Moore Stephens and Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

John Hughes, Export Manager at Aston Manor Cider, who attended the workshop, commented: “I have heard about this event from a former colleague who has attended it in the past and thought that it would be a good opportunity to assess the market as there seems to be a great deal of interest in premium cider in Russia”.

Rob Dykes, General Manager at Blackthorne International Transport, said: “Blackthorne has been transporting goods to Russia and CIS since 1989. As a recipient of multiple awards and with offices in London, Moscow and Zurich, Blackthorne is well placed for tackling most challenging logistics demands of UK businesses.”

Trevor Barton, Executive Director at RBCC, said: “Albion Overseas has been a key member of the RBCC for many years and we are delighted to partner Albion in the events they organise. In my view, the series of workshops they arrange is a most effective platform for SMEs to learn, network and engage in a conversation with territory and sector experts. Delegates come for professional advice, networking opportunities and recommendations – and that is exactly what they get.”

Businesses are working hard to build a reputation of a reliable supplier and plunging into the unknown might jeopardise that all in a heartbeat. Practical advice and experience exchange from the peers are paramount.

If you feel that this event is just what you need, do get in touch. The next one is taking place on Thursday 10 December in the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and we would be delighted to see you there! You can contact David either via email on or by phone on +44 (0)1259 272 027.