Certification to export to Russia and the customs union

Aside its distribution business, Albion has been helping manufacturers to export to Russia for almost 20 years. With the introduction of our Certification service companies can benefit from up-to-date advice on certification requirements for Russia, the Customs Union and the imminent Eurasian Union (July 2015). We offer competitive rates on GOST R Certificates, Customs Union Technical Regulations Certificates and Declarations, along with specialised technical certificates.

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Some useful tips regarding Russian certification:

  • establish whether you need certification and indeed whether there is demand for your product in Russia before buying certificates
  • ensure that certificates are obtained in your name where possible; this will give you more control over export and sale of your product as Customs must confirm permission from the holder of the original certificate
  • not all products require certification, but they appeal to Russian buyers so a voluntary certificate is worth looking into
  • If product certification is not required, a Letter of Exemption must be obtained

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