A Eulogy for Geoff Shelton

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My bond with Geoff lay on the not so distant shores of Russia, and most of our time together involved Russia in some way or another. Whilst I have come to love that country over the course of just 34 years, Geoff’s love for Russia and for the Russian people stemmed from experiences forged 40 … Continued

It’s not cold!

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One word: Babushki. The translation “grandmother” doesn’t really cover this. She is so much more than that. Babushka is a formidable figure, and one not usually to be argued with. Plus, they make soup. Anyway, I digress. Years ago, I had a Russian wife And with that wife, which I hadn’t really considered before, came … Continued

Business in St Petersburg

I hope this is useful information for anybody planning a business trip to this beautiful city. Firstly, St. Petersburg is the polar opposite of Moscow! People live more quietly, somehow more measured! Those who visit Saint Petersburg may feel there are certain similarities between the city and London. Not in appearance, but in the pace … Continued

Russia: Fact or Fiction?

Much has been written about Russia in recent years. Stop and think what you have seen. Has it been positive? Political posturing, mafia, poisoning, shooting, corruption, non payment, expense, delays, grinding poverty, bureaucracy, blizzards, archaic industry, alcoholism, rude behaviour, suicide, nouveau riche, lack of democracy, lack of infrastructure. The list goes on. And on…  So … Continued

Tim Peake: Rocket rolled to launch pad

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At 01:00 GMT (07:00 local time), the Soyuz launcher was rolled out on its flat-bed transporter for the 2km train journey to the pad. The train took almost two hours to reach the pad, known as Site No 1. Mr Peake will be accompanied by American Tim Kopra and Russian Yuri Malenchenko on Tuesday’s flight … Continued

Russia: Webinar series

Starting this October, Albion will host bi weekly webinars packed full of information to help UK manufacturers begin their exporting journey into Russia. Online webinars are a brilliant way to gain valuable information without having to leave the office. Using their PC or Laptop attendees are able to view the presentations and speak directly with the … Continued