Alexander Bibik Photo

Alexander Bibik

Business Development Director

I was born in the Balkans, completed my Legal Master’s Degree in Ukraine, relocated to Britain to find my dream job – so here I am, a young professional with quite a colourful story.

I am a big fan of fishing, freediving, cycling and I frequently travel in my spare time. As a member of Couchsurfing society, I have tons of true friends all over the globe, which I am very proud of. I always adhere with family values and I love my parents.

I really try to perform different functions in projects to expand the scope of my expertise and to make sure I assist clients as a legal advisor competent in contracts, shipping documents and any other legal paperwork no matter if it’s UK, European, Eastern European or Asian. As well as this I am Albion’s consultant for EAC certification, marketing and research projects.