David Cant

David CantDavid Cant, Managing Director  

I have worked with Russia since the 1980s in roles such as the USSR representative of a USA trading company where I became a CIS director.  In the mid-nineties I became an Export Promoter, seconded to the Department of Trade and Industry, advising UK companies on how to do business in Russia.

There followed a period of seven years as MD of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce during which I founded Albion (Overseas) LTD.

I am fluent in Russian and am also both an accredited Adventace sales trainer and highly experienced Russia Cultural Trainer.

Least favourite thing about working at Albion? Paying Bills.

Favourite thing about working at Albion? Getting paid haha!


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Eulogy: Written and read by David Cant at the funeral of Geoff Shelton

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I was privileged to know Geoff in his later years, and in those years he became a very dear friend. I can’t do him justice in just a few minutes, but let me try. You all have your own memories of Geoff... 

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