Meet the team

Our team is diverse and made up of legal, financial, and compliance specialists, as well as experienced sales, marketing, research and engineering professionals.

We have expertise across a number of industries, such as energy, powergen, oil and gas, food and drink, FMCG, telecoms, electronics and more. Our founder and MD, David Cant, speaks fluent Russian, and has some thirty years of experience in business across a wide variety of sectors.

David created our dynamic team over many years, and considers his colleagues to be the best in their fields.

David Cant Photo

David Cant

Managing Director
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Lorraine Montgomery Photo

Lorraine Montgomery

Director of EAC Certification and Compliance
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Andrew Child Photo

Andrew Child

New Business Manager
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Meet the team Photo

Meet the team

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Gregory Mayakin Photo

Gregory Mayakin

Account Manager
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Alexander Bibik Photo

Alexander Bibik

Business Development Director
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Katya Drozhzhina Photo

Katya Drozhzhina

Project Manager
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Kristina Polonik Photo

Kristina Polonik

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