Maxim Timakov Photo

Maxim Timakov

Project Manager

Born in the Orenburg region. I studied Philosophy at the University of People’s Friendship. I had been actively involved in athletics for 3 years prior to that.

In my free time I like to read, for example Dostoevsky, Oscar Wilde or modern literature. I enjoy writing. I really like to study psychology; it often helps to understand how people work. I like to watch documentaries, which I find very interesting. I jog every morning in the park. Morning sports sets me up for the day, helping me to concentrate on work. I really like to express myself in various creative projects.

I work as Albion Overseas Project Manager. My projects are related to sales of British goods in Russia, SMM promotion and other initiatives. Every day working in Albion brings me new experiences and reveals my various professional aspects.

The best part about working is to be part of an incredible team of people inspired by one goal. I believe that in any work it is important to maintain professionalism, a cool head and a sober mind.