Elena Kondratskaya Photo

Elena Kondratskaya

Director, Moscow

I was born and live in Moscow.

After school, I graduated from Finance College and University with a degree in Finance and Economics, and went on to work in the Russian railway system.

Perestroika changed our country and provided new opportunities for self-realization. For 3 years I worked in the commercial bank “Triydbank” as Chief Accountant, and later, enjoyed a similar  role within the industrial construction industry.

After 10 years, I found a new role at the state-owned company MOEK, which provides Moscow with hot water and heat. It was here that I rose to the position of Branch FD.  

My career continued after 3 years at Aeroexpress, part of Russian Railways, responsible for passenger trains to Moscow’s airports. Within a year, I became Chief Accountant and FD in a similar sector, the transportation of suburban rail passengers in Moscow and the Moscow region. I continued in this role for a further 3 years.

It was at this time that I was invited to work in the Russian branch of Albion Overseas as General Director, where I work today.

I am the happy owner of a Shelty dog ​​named Lancelot. He is currently my favorite hobby!

I also love gardening and floriculture on my small piece of land. Such work gives a very great emotional return and a sense of happiness.