Albion is pleased to announce its brand new venture, entitled TRAK. Embracing all bar one of the oil/gas rich countries around the Caspian, TRAK gives you access to Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Here are some of the ways Albion can help:

  • Support the client in setting up a local engineering team to provide comprehensive management of the Contract/Production/Quality.
  • Set up & coordinate an engineering team, dedicated to localisation of the technical documentation package to comply with the technical norms and regulations of the Customs Union. 
  • Support the client in preparing technical documentation for the production facility and the corresponding technology, localised in Russia (selection and coordination of the design and engineering Contractors, assistance in obtaining State Expert conclusions and related work permits).
  • Find technical solutions and local suppliers to increase the degree of localization of production processes with simultaneous quality control and assurance.
  • Assist the client in obtaining State Certification for its product line.
  • Mathematical simulation of processes and structural calculations. Stress, stability and vibration calculations. Mathematical simulation in geologically hazardous areas (loose and permafrost grounds, landslides, seismic hazard areas, active tectonic fault areas).

The oil and gas industry in these nations is continuing to forge ahead with its investment and infrastructure development plans and there is huge business potential for UK exporters. Whilst short term energy prices have had an effect on the world oil and gas markets, the longer term view by Western companies is that TRAK is, and will continue to be, a massively fertile market. Here are a few facts to bear in mind:

  • A consortium of Fluor, Worley¬Parsons and KazGiproneftetrans agreed in July to a detailed engineering, procurement and management support services for the $37 billion expansion programme at the Tengiz oilfield in western Kazakhstan.
  • Chevron and Exxon Mobil have just announced a $36.8 billion expansion project in Tengiz.
  • Russia is one of the global oil production leaders and has the world’s eighth largest proven reserves.
  • The oil and gas industry is the most important sector in the Russian economy and accounts for 80% of Russian corporate profits.
  • 800 new wells were sunk by Rosneft in the first half of 2015 alone.
  • Gazprom expects to double the current number of subsea production wells this year at its Kirinskoye field offshore Sakhalin Island. By 2019, seven wells should be in operation, with annual gas production potentially reaching 5.5 bcm.
  • Gazprom, Edison, and DEPA have signed a memorandum of understanding on a new pipeline taking Russian gas to Greece and Italy via the Black Sea.
  • Lukoil said in its recent market report that maintaining oil production in Russia requires large scale use of new technologies.
  • 60% of Russian capital equipment is either outdated or obsolete.

In short, oil and gas is by far the linchpin of the TRAK economies and will remain so for the long term.  The problem is that they simply do not have the technical know-how or products to exploit their reserves in a timely manner.  Instead they have no choice but to turn to overseas companies to provide the traction they need to grow the sector and, in turn, develop their economies.

With our partners, with whom we have worked since the late 1980’s Albion now offers “boots on the ground” in all these markets.

Combined with our well established market entry methodology, this gives you unprecedented and low cost access to some of the biggest oil and gas projects in the world. Albion has been working with Wood Group, Weir Group, Bechtel, and companies have already joined this TRAK programme.


With further resource in Russia, and personnel in Baku (Azerbaijan), Atyrau (Kazakhstan) and Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), we can provide your company with the best solutions and help at all stages of business from EAC certification to legal assistance and of course, sales.


Imagine tapping into 35 years of experience and having local people on the ground. For further details please contact us. 


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