Additional Client Testimonials


Cadtek Systems Ltd
"I have attended a number of sales management courses over the years
and not one of them has really been able to provide a forward look into the
pipeline / forecast, generally it has boiled down to "gut" feel. Most courses
focus on the people management first. What you have provided will be invaluable both for me and
each of the sales team [members]. It is too late really when you look back at the figures. [It is] much
better to look forward and at least you have the time to put it right or better still recruit the resource
to help deliver the extra deals!!"

“Great Class. Great Material. Great Methods. Looking forward to great changes in our sales.”

Marconi Communications
"I would recommend the ACE Methodology to others.”

Guide Technologies
“This was better than any sales training I’ve been through since my initial training in 1977 with IBM. Very beneficial sales process to enhance the probability of success. I will benefit from these sessions!”

Aldon Computer Group
“After going through five different programs, this is the first one I actually believe will help me attain and achieve superior sales skills that are sustainable.”

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