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Founded in 1996, we have warehousing, offices, infrastructure and a lot of experience...

We make this infrastructure available to our clients who want to sell to Russia, the biggest country in the world; a country forecast to be Europe’s biggest consumer market by 2020.

Our clients get unlimited access to our infrastructure and experience, as well as a Moscow based sales manager. These resources can be used for prospecting, research, building relationships, visiting trade fairs, arranging meetings and programmes, etc. By talking directly to buyers, you can choose the right distributor or agent in your own time, support existing distributors, or if you so wish, work independently of them. You can control the distributor rather than the other way around. We call this service “The Footprint”. If you’d like to speak directly to companies that have increased sales using this route to market, just ask us

Albion (Overseas) Ltd Consultancy Services Standby Extra-Light Footprint (ELF) Light Footprint Footprint
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Full Time Russian Manager (36 hours per week)      
Part Time Russian Manager (12 hours per week)    
Use of Moscow office & warehouse    
Monthly Fee deferred payment    
Conduct potential partner meetings in your absence    
Russian company database with qualified contacts    
Development of Russia-specific pricelist    
Assistance with development of Russian website    
Local Director monitoring of your salesperson    
Weekly update    
Fortnightly update  
Part Time Russian Manager (3 hours per week)  
Translation & Interpreting  
Assistance with Russian website “Homepage”  
Creation of Russian company database  
Obtain competitors price intelligence  
Introduction to relevant potential partners  
Commercial assistance from Albion UK and Russia  
Support in bureaucracy reduction  
Troubleshooting: current in-market working practices  
Recommendations (transportation, currency, freight)  
Russian Skype calls with distributors or partners
Research on trade opportunities-fairs-events
Advice upon Certification requirements
Moscow contact address & number
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The main advantages of this approach include:

  • Bureaucracy is reduced to zero.
  • An objective presence in Russia to complement and control whatever work you may develop with distributors.
  • Your management is freed up to develop other markets whilst Russia grows in the background. 
  • The ability to sell for Russian Roubles, whilst receiving the profit in the hard currency of your choice, (a possibility which remains closed to most companies).
  • Rapid entry and exit strategy. You only continue paying if your business is growing.
  • For your peace of mind, we welcome a conversation between yourselves and our existing clients.
  • A Russian local speaking Russian to Russians in Russia increases effective communication.


To find out more about our business or to discuss your export requirements, please contact footprint@albionoverseas.com or call +44 (0)1732 783 555

Client testimonials:

"The experience and supportiveness of Albion’s staff with enabling our growth within the Russian market, has been an invaluable asset."
William Wills, Avalon Sciences

"Albion has greatly helped and supported us with entry in to the Russian market. They have assisted with our entry plans and the development of Weir as a business."
Mark Attride, Weir Minerals

For more testimonials, please have a look at the companies that we have helped in the past here.

Common Questions

What about all the other costs?

Albion has over the years conducted training for many, many companies on doing business...


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