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10 Mistakes10 Mistakes companies make when doing business in Russia, that you don’t have to

At the end of the day, it’s not really going to make any difference to us if you sell to Russia or if you don’t. Unless of course you are a client of Albion, in which case it is our life’s work!

So for those of you who want to go it alone, or don’t like paying for services, or who just don’t know whom to listen to, here is what we hope will be a helpful guide. It lists some common errors companies make when they plan to sell to Russia, and how to avoid them. It is written by business, for business. It is based upon our experience as a distributor in Russia, and it was written because after 20 years of selling to the Russians, and after talking to literally thousands of companies about their objectives, we have gained a few useful tips. Mistakes are costly. You don’t have to make them.

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Russia Market ApproachesRussia: Market Approaches

Full of practical information, covering all aspects of doing business in Russia, this digest is useful in the office or on your Moscow flight. The publication became so popular over the years that it went into five editions.

We no longer publish this book, having replaced it with our events.  So now we are literally giving it away! All you pay is the £5 postage or pick it up at one of our events.

It is still bursting with tips, templates, contact details and reference material.

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What about all the other costs?

Albion has over the years conducted training for many, many companies on doing business...


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