Don't Know Where to Start

It is important to take advice, to talk to people with real knowledge of the issues. It should be somebody with genuine and personal experience of Russia, and indeed business. And the more people you talk to, the better. Talk to us, talk to our competitors. Talk to private companies, to public sector, to people who have relevant experience. Each may give a different slant, but taken together, they are sure to have some helpful tips, possibly some useful contacts.

Do not accept every piece of advice you get though. Top of my list for offering poor advice on the subject of doing business in Russia are the banks. Russia has not featured highly on their agenda, which is a shame, because the UK is doing a lot of business there, if not as much as it could.

UKTI has plenty of great resource available, and some excellent people, both in the UK and in overseas posts.

Talk also to your relevant trade association and chamber of commerce. Look on the internet, and join fora and blogs where relevant. Talk to a freight forwarder also, to several if possible, bearing in mind that the company you usually work with may not be the right one for Russia.

Talk to a relevant travel company also; these companies may be useful sources of information, and remember again, that your usual company travel company may not be the right one for Russia, where procedures are very specific, and constantly changing.

Click here for a list of useful businesses/organisations that, between them, can provide advice on most aspects of business in Russia.

If you are a manufacturer, and you would like more tips and information, order a free copy of our business guide, 10 Mistakes companies make when doing business in Russia, that you don’t have to

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