Language / Cultural Barriers

Too many people consider language to be an obstacle to doing business, as a major hurdle to be cleared first. This is not the case. Too many people start by finding somebody, anybody who speaks Russian, but this is just not your first priority.

You need to consider your product or service first. Is the market ready for it? Does it need modification in any way? Does it need local product registration or certification? Are you looking for a distributor or agent, or will you deal directly with end-users? Can you sell for Roubles? What competitors are already there? Do you have access to their prices? What are the relevant trade fairs?

You should do some simple things in order to ensure that language works for you and not against you; translate some company literature and your homepage into Russian and, if possible, try to ensure that the website is available for Russians to find on local resources such as Yandex and Rambler. And on no account accept Google translate as a substitute for a human being.

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