Lack of Control over Distributor

Many companies say they will distribute your product and represent your company because they can:

  1. command high margins
  2. receive fast returns

If this does not happen as quickly as they would like then they tend to drop you and move on. For this reason, it is important to find about your Russian partner and ensure their expectations match yours. Who else have they worked with and what is their track record? Ask what they have done in your sector; ask for references and testimonials. Demand that they do not work with your competitors.

Because if you are wrong and appoint the wrong guy, you have not merely lost time; you have also released a lot of internal information.

And then support them. And then support them more. Literature into Russian, market visits, contribution to trade fair stands; make them feel like you care. And if this is not your company’s policy? Change the policy. The easier you make it for your stakeholders in Russia, the more sales you will make. And the more sales you make, the hungrier you will find they become.

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