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Because we know what we are doing. We have 20 years’ experience, and are proud of our achievements. In addition, we are trying to drive down the costs of doing business in these markets, so you will find us highly competitive. Certification is part of our DNA, and we have many happy client companies.

Albion also won a tender with the Government of Northern Ireland (scoring 100%), to work with companies doing business with Russia. We are also recommended by companies such as Bechtel.

We have offices in the UK and in Russia, and our staff cover numerous languages including Russian, English, French and German.

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Some useful tips regarding EAC Certification:

  • Ensure where possible, that certificates are obtained in your name; this will give you more control over export and sale of your product as Customs must confirm permission from the holder of the original certificate
  • Not all products require mandatory certification, but it appeals to your buyers, so a voluntary certificate is worth looking into
  • Russian, Kazakh and other Eurasian commodity codes (whilst broadly based on the harmonised system) are different from those used in the EU. It is therefore vital to ensure your products are classified under the correct code to avoid serious problems at Customs
  • Establish whether there is demand for your product before investing in certification

Need some advice? Email certification@albionoverseas.com or telephone the Albion Certification team directly on 01259 272 026 and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

If you would like more information on how Albion can help you with sales in Russia, please contact us.


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