Technical Regulations

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The main Commodity Groups are:

TR CU 001/2011 on the safety of railway rolling stock
TR CU 002/2011 on the safety of high-speed rail transport
TR CU 003/2011 on the safety of rail infrastructure
TR CU 004/2011 on the safety of low voltage equipment
TR CU 005/2011 on the safety of the packaging
TR CU 006/2011 on the safety of fireworks
TR CU 007/2011 on product safety for children and teenagers
TR CU 008/2011 on the safety of toys
TR CU 009/2011 on the safety of perfumery and cosmetics
TR CU 010/2011 on the safety of machinery and equipment
TR CU 011/2011 on the safety of lifts
TR CU 012/2011 on the safety of equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres
TR CU 013/2011 on the quality of the automotive and aviation fuel, gasoline, diesel/marine fuel, jet fuel and fuel oil
TR CU 014/2011 on road safety
TR CU 015/2011 on the safety of grain 
TR CU 016/2011 on the safety of machines operating on gaseous fuel
TR CU 017/2011 on the safety of products of light industry (clothing)
TR CU 018/2011 on the safety of motor vehicles

TR CU 019/2011 on the safety of personal protective equipment; 
TR CU 020/2011 on electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices 
TR CU 021/2011 on food safety
TR CU 022/2011 on the rules of marking on food products
TR CU 023/2011 for fruit juices and products derived from fruits and vegetables
TR CU 024/2011 for products obtained from animal and vegetable fats and oils
TR CU 025/2012 on the safety of furniture and furnishings
TR CU 026/2012 on the safety of vessels up to 20 meters  

TR CU 027/2012 on dietetic foods, including dietary foods for special medical purposes 
TR CU 028/2012 on the safety of explosive material and explosive-based products

TR CU 029/2012 on the safety of food additives, flavourings and processing aids
TR CU 030/2012 oils and greases, lubricants and special fluids
TR CU 031/2012 on safety of agricultural and forestry tractors and their trailer
TR CU 032/2013 on the safety of pressure equipment
TR CU 033/2013 on the safety of milk and dairy products
TR CU 034/2013 on the safety of meat and meat products

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