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Product CertificationCertificates for import and sales in Customs Union including Russia and Kazakhstan.

GOST R Certification

Certification procedures called Eurasian Conformity (EAC Product Certification) were launched to replace Gost from July 2012. It covers The Eurasian Customs Union which includes Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan. Gost was generally replaced by Certificates and Declarations of Conformity to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) on 15th February 2015. All existing GOST certificates became invalid after 15th March 2015.

Certificates of Conformity and Declarations of Conformity carry the EAC Conformity logo. Unless your product is exempt, one of these will be needed to move products legally across the border into Russia. Valid for either one, three or five years, these documents allow you to send product into the member State, eliminating the costly, time consuming need to obtain separate certificates for each country.

Moreover, an expanded Eurasian Customs Union, replacing the previous Customs Union, now creates a broader sphere of influence. It encompasses countries such as Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and parts of central Asia. This is good news for exporters to Russia and elsewhere and particularly to those seeking EAC Certification.

Albion can obtain Certificates and Declarations of Conformity, Letters of Exemption and Voluntary Certificates  as well as more specialised certificates such as FSS Registration, State Registration, Expert Conclusions, etc. Our costs are competitive and our response times are swift; Albion has a wholly owned Moscow office and works directly with the issuing authorities in market, cutting out any middle men. 

Declarations of Conformity must be in the name of a legal entity within the Customs Union. This can be a problem for those companies that want to keep control of their business. Not any more. Albion can apply on your behalf, therefore keeping the Certificates or Declarations in your name.

What could otherwise be a significant problem can now be solved with a quick call to Albion. Simply complete our online form, providing us with your HS Codes and Technical Data so we can quickly advise exactly what documents your organisation will require.


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