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Last year a small team of engineers from TRW spent, on and off, over 16 weeks in Pskov Russia.

Even though we had previously spent several years travelling in other Eastern European countries, we found Russia to be at times a little different than we had previously been accustomed to! We only had time for a short training session prior to our first visit, but we soon found the information useful in both business and social communications.

In Russia there are instances where you should do or say the right thing at the right time, and visa-versa. David covered many of these with examples very well. I remember, during the training we took the information a little light-heartedly, but we soon found it useful and it will be a 'must' for any other colleagues on similar business.

Barrie Davies, TRW Automotive Electronics, Burnley

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Common Questions

Aren't the entry costs very high?

Albion has over the years conducted training for many, many companies on doing business...


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