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As a Division Manager of METRO Cash & Carry Ltd, Russia (MCC), even though I was fluent in Russian and knew a lot about Russian culture and peculiarities from the beginning of my international assignment, though I was fluent in Russian and know a lot about Russian culture and peculiarities, I was interested to get more detail, especially in business habits, but also in the general approach to the "new" reality. The recommendation from MCC head office in Dusseldorf was to try the Cross Cultural training, conducted by David Cant. The training was held over two days in Saint Petersburg. I found it not only very useful for future life in Russia, but also interactive and exciting.

My wife gained a lot of information about day-to-day life and habits, that made her integration (together with my son and daughter later) easier and smoother. I found many core issues that were unknown to me before especially in dealing with business of different kinds, and with completely different business ethics with strong roots in Russian culture and history.

We found the course useful and a big support for foreigners that want to incorporate their business and private life in Russian environment. I would recommend it for all new entrants to the dynamic market that is Russia.

Vladimir Vava, Metro Cash and Carry, Moscow

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