Albion appointed exclusive distributor for Cellardine UK Limited

Cellardine is known for its cutting edge designs and products, and Albion looks forward to building their sales in the biggest country in the world! Amongst Cellardine’s products are the ZapCap Bottle Opener, ideal for busy barmen, and the Rouge 02 Electronic Wine Breather, as featured by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2. Albion has been helping companies in Russia since 1996, and is responsible for many companies’ sales success. In addition to its consultancy services, Albion is also distributor and agent to a number of UK companies selling to Russia.


         Rouge O2 Electronic
         Wine Breather

ZapCap Bottle Opener

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Corruption / Political Turbulence is rife, right?

Albion has over the years conducted training for many, many companies on doing business...


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