Paul Goncharoff

Paul GoncharoffPaul Goncharoff, Senior Adviser, Moscow

A native New Yorker, Paul has lived & worked in Asia, MENA, Europe, and is based full time in Russia. Paul became heavily involved in the economic opportunities and dynamics of Russia in the late 1980's as executive, while introducing and applying best global standards where and when applicable.

Has managed, developed, integrated and advised start-up and established companies connected with Russia/FSU markets such as AIG, Tecnomatix NV, YUKOS, Lynx Oil & Gas, Petropavlovsk PLC, Axia/Allianz and more. Has served as strategic advisor and Board Member/Non Executive Director (NED) within General Management, Strategic Planning, Sales, Business Development, R&D, Operations, Risk Management, and Investor Relations.

Executive management of multicultural businesses, operations and staff in urban, regional and remote areas of Russia/FSU.

Has earned a strong reputation in the Russia/CIS business arena for successfully introducing and supporting common-sense governance best practices, enhancing business value, managing risk, defining mission, purpose, profitability & transparency.

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