What information do you need to give me a quotation?

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This depends very much on your product, but generally:

  • HS codes

  • Product description and purpose of the product

  • JPEGs of the product(s) and drawings (if available) 

  • Sometimes, for certain documents, you may be asked to provide test certificates, other quality standards held and so on. But we will let you know what we need

Certificates can take as little as 5 working days to procure, so long as the manufacturer has provided the necessary information. Locating this information is usually not a problem for most companies. The cost depends on how many HS codes are involved, and the nature of the product.

For example, if something needs explosion / fire hazard certification, then of course it will be more than a straightforward Certificate of Conformity. It is a bit too broad a topic to put a figure that is relevant to all. But suffice to say, we are significantly cheaper than most. Why? Because we offer a range of other services and we want to ensure you get to the selling stage.


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