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IOE & IT Export survey shows high level of optimism for global trade

Despite a myriad of political risks - fears of a growing protectionist agenda in the United States, whether national elections across Europe upset the status quo and Britain's potentially fractious divorce proceedings from the European Union - the Institute’s recent Export Optimism survey showed a strong energy for growth, with 97% of respondents expressing optimism for Global Trade opportunities.      

20 Years and still going strong!

This year marks twenty years of Albion (Overseas) Ltd working with Russia.

It's Not Cold!!!

I get it. Russia’s cold. Very cold. In fact, so cold, that your hands would freeze to metal if you touched it without gloves. However, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the thing: The first person to complain about a room being cold is always the Russian. No exceptions. Every time. Try it. And I know why.

A few thoughts about business in St Petersburg!

A few thoughts about business in Saint Petersburg! I hope this is useful information for anybody planning a business trip to this beautiful city. Firstly, St. Petersburg is the polar opposite of Moscow! People live more quietly, somehow more measured! Those who visit Saint Petersburg may feel there are certain similarities between the city and London. Not in appearance, but in the pace of life, and people’s demeanour. Moscow is of course totally different. And we call it Peter (only colloquially, and probably best not to try this in front of Russians you don’t know very well…It would be like talking about Steve instead of Stevenage….)

Albion appointed exclusive distributor for Cellardine UK Limited

Albion (Overseas) Ltd is delighted to announce that it has become exclusive distributor in Russia for Cellardine UK Ltd. 

Russia... Fact or Fiction

Much has been written about Russia in recent years. Stop and think what you have seen. Has it been positive? Political posturing, mafia, poisoning, shooting, corruption, non payment, expense, delays, grinding poverty, bureaucracy, blizzards, archaic industry, alcoholism, rude behaviour, suicide, nouveau riche, lack of democracy, lack of infrastructure. The list goes on. And on...  So what about a reality check - Russia from a business perspective?

Tim Peake: Rocket rolled to launch pad

The rocket that will carry UK astronaut Tim Peake into orbit has arrived at the launch pad in Baikonur, Kazakhstan.

Product Certification for Russia and Other CIS Member States

As a UK supplier of goods planning to export to Russia and/or other CIS member states, you have probably already noticed a recent change in the process of obtaining certification.

Common Questions

Are language / cultural issues a barrier?

Albion has over the years conducted training for many, many companies on doing business...


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